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Community classes

Small groups of up to 6 children, where we explore understanding and recognising our emotions. There is a introductary course with a session on different emotions, we include the science behind what is happening in the brain, and ways to help self-regulate which may include yoga, massage, mindfulness, breathing exercises, positive self talk and visualisations. I also offer short courses with a specific focus such as anger, anxiety, self esteem, power of positivity, etc. Where the whole 3/4 week course is all based around that 1 theme. 




My 1:1s consist of a free 20 min consultation and then when we have made a plan of action they start from 6 weeks or more. What you can expect is a 5 minute chat about how the week has been, what challenges you have faced and if you've been able to implement any of the practises throughout the week. Then I will spend time with the child normally around 40 minutes. Then finish off with 10 minutes working with both parent and child to help build in some practises. Please be aware that the time structure may differ based on needs of the child. Eg it might be 50 mins with child and just talking to parent before and after the session, or it might be that half of the session is spent with parent and child. 



Emotion Coaching

This is for parents, carers or professional who are looking at ways to understand and supporting emotional intelligence and regulation in children and young people. It explains the brain, brain development and many of the key stages of development that help support their emotions. The training can be done through a video course, day workshop or 1:1. 


This is for young people aged 12+. These are 40minute sessions that can be done anywhere where the young person feels comfortable. My space, at their home, going for a walk, or a McDonalds. It's time to talk and help them explore their issues and collaboratively work together to get problem solve and manage the issues. 6 weeks for £180