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Schools & Professionals

Wellbeing South Wales offers a range of services to schools, from whole school training packages to single case consultations. I am seeing an increasing need for schools to be creative in the way they meet the emotional needs of their pupils.

As well as offering general mental health input to schools,

I also offer a specialist support service.


Training sessions


A range of training can be provided which aims to:

  1. Support school staff or professionals to identify the early signs of emotional difficulties

  2. Empower adults to support the children or young people in-house.  


Topics we regularly train on include:


  • Low mood and anxiety

  • Bereavement and loss

  • Self-harm and dangerous behaviours

  • Trauma and attachment

  • Self care and the impact of stress on the self 


As part of our schools training programme we offer regular consultation sessions to key members of staff around the needs of specific pupils and I also run staff wellbeing sessions.