Parent & Child

At Wellbeing South Wales, I offer a non-judgemental and compassionate service aimed at bringing families closer together by supporting the parents, the whole family, or individual child or young person.

It’s time to put an end to confusion and uncertainty and instead start helping children develop the confidence, resilience and self-esteem needed to thrive.


Working playfully, skilfully and creatively with children and young people of all ages means that I can adapt what I offer to suit the particular needs and communication style of any child. 

During my sessions we look at: 

  • The secrets (proven by science) that lead to happiness, wellbeing, increased confidence and self-esteem

  • How children’s brains work and how they can manage the tough times through simple habits 

  • The key to creating positive relationships with friends and others so they have a solid group of support  

  • The importance of goal setting and how to do it with children

  • How and why we should take time to reflect on situations

I begin any therapeutic relationship with a child and their family by offering a free 20 minute consultation that will allow us to discuss and explore your individual needs and the best way of working together. I have a range of therapeutic approaches on offer and I often combine them to create a unique therapy for each child and family. 


Often parents and carers just want a space to think through their concerns about their child and come away with new ideas and strategies to try out in their own time.

I can also work with the adults only, particularly if the child is very unsure about coming into therapy, or if there is a worry that bringing the child to see a professional might feel too ‘blaming’ for them. Parenting consultations can also be helpful when the child is very young. 

If you're a parent struggling with your own mental health, why not join us for tea and a chat?

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