Foster & Adoptive Carers

If professionals are concerned about the mental health or emotional wellbeing of a child or young person it is key to get support as soon as possible at any stage of the process through the care system. Early intervention is key.  


There are, however, some times when gaining support or an early understanding of emotional wellbeing maybe more appropriate, such as:


  • When children are at risk of being placed in Local Authority Care

  • When foster or adoptive families are at risk of breakdown

  • When young people are experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties whilst within their adoptive or care placement

  • When considering rehabilitation of children to the care of their biological family.  


I work with adults to ensure that they are able to meet the needs of the child, particularly emotionally, to help them deal with the transitions they may be facing or build the relationship.

Promoting positive outcomes for looked after and adopted children

I'm dedicated to improving the life chances for babies, children and young people in care, adopted or on the edge of care.


For children who are at risk of going into care I can help to promote:


  • The attachment relationship between the parent and the child

  • Positive mental health, emotional regulation skills and resilience in the child and parent

  • Safer parenting

  • Positive relationships between the child and peers in school and the extended social network.

  • The developmental needs of the child being understood and met

For children who are in care or adopted, I can help support:

  • Stability within placements

  • The attachment relationship between the carers and child

  • Positive relationships with biological families, peers and the community

  • Positive mental health and emotional regulation in both the child and carers

When children and young people get the appropriate support we are minimising the potential for mental health difficulties in later life. 


Who do I work with?

  • Foster carers

  • Adoptive parents 

  • Biological families

  • Family carers (kinship carers and special guardians) 

  • Social workers

  • Family support workers 

  • Fostering support workers 

  • Educational staff 

  • Residential care workers 

What support can I offer

  • 1-2-1 with the child

  • Mentoring with children aged 12+

  • Emotion coaching for parents or carers enabling them to understand the pain and powerlessness along with other emotions that the child or young person may be experiencing. When you can truly empathise with their situation you start creating a safe and enriched environment for them to thrive.

Whether you're attending a training day or choosing to have some private coaching sessions, I will help you to better understand the impacts of adverse childhood experiences and what is happening in the brain. You

will leave with a good understanding of what is happening, to create a foundation to change and successful support.

If you need some support for yourself, we are always happy to have a chat and chill to help you through the stress you may be going through.

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