Nurture Me Programme

This year programme is designed for mum's or female carers who are wanting to have a better relationship with their child.

As a family coach I often hear parents and carer tell me they wish they could: Better communicate

Be able to get their child to open up

Build their child's confidence and self-esteem

Set clear boundaries and know when they are taking advantage and when they really need support

Support their anxious child, or child with BIG emotions

Navigate the mood swings

Get them to listen

In this programme I will tackle all the above and more.

We are conditioned and programmed how to be.

When our patterns run us we are not present or engaged with ourselves.


This journey first start by looking at ourselves and what we need as a parent/carer. We learn about who we are, before moving onto how to help our family and improve our relationships with our children.

So if you want:

Something to help you understand yourself better.

Something to help YOU feel better.

Something to carry you through the stress of the current climate, the holidays, being in a tense atmosphere at home.

To FEEL better about engaging day to day with yourself, your partner, your kids

To get UNSTUCK from old patterns, conditioning's and beliefs

To have a deeper understanding of how holistic coaching can help you change habits

To set and keep boundaries and not overthink everything all the time.

To FEEL more at ease and be able to navigate stress better on the daily basis, and move through the current stress and know how to move forward.

Then this is the programme for you.

How will this be done?

This will be done in a supportive group through facebook and coaching calls through zoom.

Once you have signed you will be given access to a private facebook group. This is where all the pdf's, zoom call details and everything you need will be posted.


It allows you to chat and ask questions.


Throughout the year we will engage in various topic's that allow you to explore your journey as a parent/carer. Deepen your understanding of what is going on for you, your child. It allows you to have a better relationship with yourself and your child/ren.


There will be several zoom calls throughout the month at various times, all calls are recorded and shared in the group so that you can catch up in your own time if you are unable to make any of them.

Please note you can either set up a direct debit of £19.99 a month or opt to pay in person a lump sum of £189.99 for the year.


If you wish to make an upfront payment please message me directly. If you want to sign up to the monthly payment system use the book now button. Once you have set up a direct debit you will be sent an email with details of the group and calls.




If group coaching isn't your thing, or you want a more specific plan to support you and your family then get in touch and we can tailor make a package for you.  Working with you as the parent/carer either face to face or through on-line channels such as zoom allow me to support you and the unique circumstances you are experiencing. 



If you are a coach and are looking for business support reach out and join my support network.  We would love to have you in our supportive and informative group. Designed to help you on your own journey.


Healing Hearts - Training course

Do you work with children and young people? Maybe you are in a school, or youth service. Do you witness children and young people struggling with their emotions? Would you like to be empowered to support them. To know what to say, and how to help them express themselves without leaving them feeling worse, or shutting down the conversation because you don't want to make the situation worse? Are you worried that by talking about something you will be 'opening a can of worms'?
Perhaps you are already a coach and experience children and young people closing down when they can't find the words to express and make sense of their situation. Do you want to expand your skill so that they can express themselves in a creative way?
Children and young people face:
👉Friendship issues
👉Emotional Overwhelm
👉Relationship breakdowns
👉Stress - exam/pressure
👉Body Image
👉Low Self-Esteem
And so much more.
Do you feel like you have the skills, passion and compassion to make a difference in the world? Would you love to have your own business but the thought of where to start, setting up, and how to grow your business leaves you like a deer frozen in headlights? Maybe you no longer want to be in a job that doesn’t fulfil you.
I am looking for people who really want to make a positive impact, whether in their current role or whether they are looking to take the steps to make their own successful business.
There are many reasons why you may want to learn some new skills, what I do know is that you having a nurturing & compassionate nature and are ready to start making a positive difference in the world.
The aim of this course is to enable and empower you to:
💫Support children and young people
💫Empower them to find their voice
💫Help them process and make sense of their internal world
💫To provide you with skills and practical strategies to have meaningful and powerful conversations.
💫 Use to learn the creative arts, stories, puppetry as a way of expression and deepening the understanding
💫This course focuses and is based on Neuroscience and Mental Health.
💫 Trauma informed

Training is provided frequently,so contact me to register your interest and find out when the next course is running

Phone: 07903716325
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