Creating calm, confident

& resilient young people


Are you ready to start creating the life you want?

As a Mindset Coach I work with you to identify and make essential lasting changes that will impact your life forever.

What can you expect from working with me? Self discovery, change and lasting results.

We get clear about what obstacles are stopping you from having the life you want and work together to:

  • Get rid of self doubt, sabotaging habits, negative emotions and unhealthy coping strategies, such as over eating, over working, addiction and so much more.

  • Build a solid foundation of self-worth and belief, self-regulation and support that will make you unstoppable

  • Empower you to become a calm, emotionally available parent full of confidence in your child’s abilities and potential

  • Create a healthy relationship's with yourself and your family so you can easily express yourself, and support those you most cherish

  • Tackle anxiety to boost your mental and physical well-being and learn about how to support your

Our thoughts shape our actions, our actions shape the world around us

With Mindset Coaching You Can Create


Confidence in your knowledge, skills, experiences and expertise.


Knowing you are able to create a solid safety foundation.


Long lasting, deep, intimate, honest and harmonious relationships.


Balanced stress, physical wellbeing and good mental health.


To be the calm, connected, nurturing and patient parent you always imagined you would be



Wellbeing South Wales | Childrens Service

Online classes

I have a variety of online classes to support parents and carers.

Wellbeing South Wales | Childrens Service


My 1:1s consist of a free 20 min consultation and then when we have made a plan of action they start from 6 weeks or more.

Wellbeing South Wales | Childrens Service


This is for young people aged 12+. These are 40 min sessions to help them explore their issues. 6 weeks for £180.

Wellbeing South Wales | Childrens Service

Emotion Coaching

This is for parents, carers or professional who are looking at ways to understand and supporting emotional intelligence and regulation in children and young people. 



Our Address:

161 Holton Road


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Phone: 07903716325
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